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12th Annual Bad Christmas Sweater & Mustache Contest. Sunday, December 13th at Devils Point during Stripparaoke. Prizes for bad Christmas sweaters & best mustaches! Grand prize winner will receive $500 cash and their very own quarter page ad in the Portland Mercury along with a nice cash prize! Hosted by the king of Portland late night - Aaron Ross. Sponsored by Widmer Brothers Brewing, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Ninkasi Brewing, Jim Beam & Portland Mercury!. The three different categories include; "fake" 'mustaches (for the ladies - 10pm), mustaches with beards (guys that don't want to shave that epic beard but have an amazing mustache - 11pm) and the best of all, that regular ol' mustache (show us that chin for the grand cash prize - 12am). Contestants will be selected by the Stripparaoke dancers and host. Raffle prizes will be announced at 10pm (fake 'staches), 11pm (beards) & 12am (mustaches).

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