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Oregon has issued a 4-week closure of all bars and restaurants in Portland beginning Wednesday, November 18th.

This Monday and Tuesday night will be our last two nights until we are allowed to reopen again.

Our service industry is hurting. Our business along with our staff and entertainers will now be struggling to pay bills this winter. If you're able to come in and enjoy a drink, play some lotto, buy some merch or just tip the staff and ladies, we would be super grateful!

We look forward to the day we can bring back Stripparaoke, bands and live music, fire performers, lap dances, bikini dog and car washes, bad Christmas sweater parties, karaoke contests, seats at the rack, lap dances, high fives, big hugs, motorboats, titty tornados and all things that make DP a little piece of hell in SE Portland.

Thank you all. Stay safe, see ya soon! 😈


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